Friday, February 14, 2020

Definition of Customer Service

As I am getting ready to gear up for more fly time, I am faced with one remaining avionics squawk. My Aspen Evolution does not currently provide audio warnings. 
For altitude an amber flag is presented to indicate the aircraft is reaching (steady) or deviating (flashing) the selected altitude. This will be accompanied by a one-second steady tone. 
For approach minimums an amber annunciation is presented when the aircraft reaches, or is below the set MINIMUMS. This will be accompanied by a one-second stuttered tone.

I went through all my associated documents and could not find the correct combo to get the sound to generate.  So, when all else fails, drop back, and throw the hail Mary pass. And I did, to the shop that installed the PS Engineering 8000B audio panel back in 2011. A further records search shows the Aspen was added in 2013, it was also installed by the same shop.
I made the call and ended up getting a recorded message. Leaving my info, I had hoped I would get a call back, a long-shot I know. Maybe a half hour passed and my cell phone rang, not a number I knew, but, I answered. It was the shop that I had called. The man I spoke to was very nice, as we discussed the Aspen and audio panel installs. He asked who I bought the plane from and I gave him the info. After a brief pause he said I know that Commander, and Bill is a very nice guy.  I responded yes, that's the plane and previous owner.
The man went on to explain how their shop makes the install/connections. Typically they are wired to automatically generate tomes but some customers choose to use an empty switch to be able to toggle the alerts on and off. The man wished me good luck in getting the alerts to generate. With that, I thanked him for his time, and returning my call. He said he almost didn't call, thinking it was some car warranty sales pitch. We both had a good laugh. 

I was left to figure out what open switch on the PS 8000B would be the key to my lock, the missing piece to my puzzle. I figured I would run through a few attempts while flying Mary up to Wilmington and back this weekend. There are multiple choices, ADF, AUX or maybe just the speaker. Who knows what the magic button, or combination of buttons it will be. 

My cell phone, on silent, vibrated around 9:10 last night with a text message alert. I looked at the number and had no clue who it was. I opened up the text anyway and did I get a surprise. The man from the avionics shop texted me some additional info after he obviously went back and pulled the service records of the install.  Customer service above and beyond.
It's refreshing to know customer service is not dead, some companies and employees still get it.  I just wanted to give a shout out to C.F. Airtronics, now Warren Avionics, great job!

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