Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Oxygen Addition

Today I purchased an Aerox two place oxygen system for the Commander.  The system is used so I will need to buy two cannulas for Mary and I.  I will have the M size tank, 22cf.

Aerox 2-Place Portable Aviation Oxygen System Overview:

Since 1981 Aerox has been providing the aviation industry with innovative solutions for all of their oxygen needs. And, with a Lifetime Warranty, you can't go wrong with Aerox!

The Aerox Portable Aviation Oxygen systems feature:

  • Push-pull quick connects for fast, positive, one-handed operation.
  • Each outlet independently controllable with individual needle valve control.
  • Calibrated flowmeter in each delivery tube accurately shows proper flow by altitude, doubles as a flow indicator. The most accurate instrument to measure flow.
  • Needle valve control of flow by each user allows exact adjustment for altitude and type of mask or cannula. When used with Oxysaver cannulas, oxygen duration is extended by a factor of four.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • All-metal construction. AEROX regulators are made to last a lifetime without costly repairs.
  • Compact design, saves space and weight.
  • Use with Oxysaver cannulas or standard cannulas up to 18,000 feet MSL; or with masks above 18,000 feet MSL.
  • Change from Oxysaver cannula to mask simply by removing tubing from outflow end of flowmeter and attaching the hose from the mask. Remember to increase oxygen flow accordingly!

As I mentioned, I am going to buy two new Conserving pendant cannulas.  I have two new sets packed away in a box in our hangar, which I'm sure will turn up once I purchase new sets.  There is also a brand new mask included, still in its original package.

The service ceiling for 3 Tango Charlie is 13,900 feet. If I ever get night current again, I'll use the oxygen from six thousand or so on up. For my typical cross country flights I'll go on it from ten thousand and up. At least that's my plan, however, everything will depend on the oxygen saturation levels in my blood when measured by a portable pulse oximeter.

More to follow as I get the system set up.


Geoff Nelson said...

I have definitely used mine a lot more than "required". I use a fingertip pulse oximeter to monitor my O2 sat and it's surprising to see how soon it's really needed. I feel better after the flight too!

Also, you can find those cannulas all day long on Ebay. Brand new and for a much better price. I use the same ones. Just swap your fittings and your good to go!

I know I'm late to the party, but I have enjoyed following your paths back to flight and plane ownership! Thanks for continuing to share your adventures.

Gary said...

I plan on taking advantage of the higher service ceiling for travel. I'll look on ebay for the cannulas too, thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for still following the blog. I'm looking forward to you getting back to posting!