Saturday, February 15, 2020

GNS 480 User Waypoint

More training scenarios for the Garmin 480 thanks to the Pilots of America forum.

Cleared to the Gainesville Airport. Fly runway heading then direct IRW, then the Ardmore 310 Radial 30 DME, then Direct. Climb 3000, expect 5000 within in 10 minutes. Departure Frequency 120.45. Squawk XXXX"

The question is: what is the simplest way to input the Radial/DME waypoint into the 480's flight plan?

First lets plot the flight on Foreflight.

Easy peasy, right?  Now lets take a look at how to handle this on the GNS 480. Since we would be on the ramp picking up our clearance we are going to enter the flight plan as filed then make the change with the amended route given us adding a waypoint for the Ardmore 310° radial 30 DME. 

Press the FN button and then select USER
SEARCH will come up but we will need to press the NEW key.  At this point you can create a custom name or just use what the 480 creates and note it.
Use the large outter knob to scroll the cursor down to REFERENCE WPT.
When CHG? suddenly appears press ENTER.
Scroll to enter ADM as the Reference Wpt. 
Then press ENTER.
This will take you back to the previous screen where you will now enter the Radial and DME as instructed for the amended route.
Note the name given to the waypoint you created. Press FPL.
Scroll down to IRW then press WPT to insert the new waypoint for your amended route.
Your last USER waypoint created will come up, if not enter the user waypoint name you noted.  In this case #U0012. Press ENTER
The new waypoint you created is listed after/below IRW as it should be, in the plan.
Scroll up to IFR and select EXEC to activate the first leg of the flight plan.
You're good to go, switch over to map view and  prepare to taxi. 

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