Monday, July 26, 2010

Encoding Altimeter Update

I just got off the phone with the Avionics shop. As always there is good news and bad news. The good news is they located a wire diagram for the encoding altimeter wire harness plug and the harness checked out perfect. The bad news is the altimeter is not sending the correct signals to the transponder and needs to be repaired or replaced. I made the decision to leave the altimeter in place because it provides the correct info on the panel, however, I am going to add the blind encoder noted in the previous post and have that wired to the transponder. This change will require some additional plumbing for the static pressure line to be T'ed off the altimeter in order to supply the Trans Cal Nano.

The Garmin 496 will be installed as planned and the extinct Loran M1 will be retired to the boat anchor department or make for an interesting door stop, heck maybe even a wheel chock. Jason at red eagle is going to test the existing panel mounted DME since it was unplugged. If the unit works I am going to have that wired to the Nav 2 radio as a back up to the Garmin 530 and Nav 1.

  • Potential overhaul/exchange Encoding altimeter - $1500 - $2000 (I'll pass on this)
  • Trans Cal nano blind encoder - $275 (unit only)
  • Labor to Troubleshoot, rewire and mount - @$550
  • Status on Garmin 496 install - waiting for an estimate sometime tomorrow.


Steve said...

Ouch, but it's best to have it all up to snuff if you'll be using that IR when you pass your upcoming checkride!

Gary said...

Yeah...the joy of ownership. As soon as she is back in the air I'm headed to the repair shop to have a new left tire put on too.

Preventative Maintenance, pay for it now or pay even more later. I want everything in top condition all the time, Mary and I do not take any chances when we fly.

Meeting the DE tomorrow.....yikes!

Ann said...

You need another Vette to sell!

Gary said...

Ann O !! yeah that would sure make things easier but they are both gone. :(