Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Mid Year Review

I am Sitting here adding up my log book hours so I am ready for todays lesson and hopefully my sign off for the IR ride. I searched for goals and found the 2009 in review and 2010 look ahead posted by Ed Fred and thought I would post my mid year review.

Taken from the POA forum post...

2010 Wish List
  • Complete my IR check ride before my written expires (October 2010).
  • Attend 6Y9 - No problems with grass now, bought our own plane!
  • Attend BAC Fest in San Antonio Texas
  • Try to break the 500 total hour mark (need 131).
  • Get started with ARF flights

2010 Wish List updated

  • Check ride will be scheduled for next week.
  • 6Y9 is looking like another year off for me. By the time I get there it will be paved with an FBO.
  • BAC fest is looking like it will happen in October. Working out the details with fellow Pilot Mike B for the four day round trip to San Antonio, TX. Mary does not have enough vacation time saved up yet.
  • Venture a bit west of the normal east coast flying with a scheduled trip to Dayton OH with Rob, CLR2TKF (Robs Flying Adventures)to visit fellow blogger Steve (a mile of runway) AND take a one hour ride in a Stearman!!
  • Researching for a trip to the Bahamas with the Beech Aero Club around new years. Mary is on board and will have vacation time saved up.
  • 500 hour mark is looking like a no brainer, I have 470 to date and six months to go!
  • ARF flights, not a single hour donated, to busy spending money on IR le$$ons. Hope to change that in the last half of the year.

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Steve said...

You've done one heck of a job in the first half of 2010!

I'm quite satisfied with myself as well - I've completed 5/6 of the things on my yearly goals list that I posted on January 1st.

I really wanted Windwood to be part of the list and I'm still sad to have to push it off until next year. Of course, next year we're going to be getting married in early to mid-October...

Anyway, congrats again and see you guys next weekend!