Friday, July 23, 2010

R&R Altitude Encoder

The new Trans-Cal "Nano"! Reputed to be the world's smallest, lightest weight altitude encoder. No warm up time, best warranty in the business and is pin for pin compatible with many other manufacturers installations. Mounting plate adapters are available to mount the Nano in other manufacturer's mounting trays!

  • Operating temperature: -20ºc to +70ºc
  • Operating altitude: -1000' to +30,000'(Available in altitudes from 30,000’ up to 100,000’)
  • Accuracy: + 50' from -1000' to +30,000’
  • Weight: 5.9oz.
  • Will operate on either 14 or 28 VCD at 0.270 Amps
  • No Warm-up time: +20ºc to +70ºc -20ºc to +20ºc 30 seconds
  • Best Warranty in the business: 42 months manufacture direct replacement. If your Trans-Cal encoder experiences a warranty covered failure, we will replace your unit with a brand new unit with a new 42 month warranty.
  • Average MTBF: 9.7+ years. That’s right Trans-Cal encoders are among the most reliable on the market, commonly providing reliable service for over 10 years.
The transponder depends on an external altitude encoder to provide the digitized pressure altitude that the transponder needs for its Mode C replies. The encoder is connected the same static air line as the altimeter and is wired electrically to the transponder.

The encoder may be either a separate unit "blind encoder" or integrated into the aircraft altimeter "encoding altimeter", which I now find out I have. Encoding altimeters save space and help ensure that the encoder and altimeter agree, but they are fairly expensive

At one point Wilmington had me at -1000 feet, neat trick, maybe use that next time to go "under" class Bravo airspace. While the panel was out I decided to get the 496 mounted, it would save some $$ in accessing behind the panel a second time and I really need to get it completed. Red Eagle is really busy and the shop is packed with planes. Jason said he would get me in Monday for the encoder work and have 08Romeo ready for the check ride.

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