Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Finally, A Positive Visit

My latest doctors appointment finally produced some positive news. After the ceremonial cutting off of the bandages, the weekly routine, we all got a look at the troublesome incision. The incision on the back of the leg healed up just fine.
The Doc was quite impressed, I even detected a bit of a smile. The last five stitches, under the yellow cover, were removed and once everything was cleaned up the whole incision was covered with new sterri-strips. I used the alcohol wipes to rub all the itchy spots and really clean up the rest of my leg.

One big positive note, no splint required. I had nothing but the sterri-strips and some sort of pad type bandage covered in two rolls of cotton type material and two ace bandages.
Docs orders, I can move to partial weight bearing. I had to confirm that and ask if that means flat foot for balance or actual partial weight. It was work up to partial weight bearing and working the ankle. Finally after two and a half months I can start to put weight on the leg. I also had x-rays taken and doc said the fracture lines are getting harder to see, which means things are healing.

It's been a long painful process. The emotional swings when I'm hurting really can drag me down but the small victory like today helps get me refocused. My back pain has increased with all the walker work and that is concerning, but I'll push through that.


Jim and Sandie said...

An almost smile - that is progress. And just being able to use that leg to help support yourself is a major hurdle. I remember having terrible bouts of depression when I was stuck in a wheelchair for four months. Poor Jim was so patient with me even when I was screaming and bawling. It's so amazing to have spouses who love us so much. I really am glad to hear about your progress. And even when we're not traveling, I still do research to map out ways we can go and things to do. Flight planning keeps the mind alive.

Gary said...

Progress is most excellent! My poor bride has dealt with me and my attitudes, really just frustration and wanting to get back to some sort of normal. I'm not sure why my Bride loves me, or how she tolerates me at times. She is truly sent from heaven just for me. I'm a lucky guy.