Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Urge to Flight Plan

Despite working through recovery and not knowing our future with flying, I still had the urge to weather watch and work my flight plan.  Back in September I was working the plan for Sanibel Island Florida and BACFest in Louisville Kentucky. (September Plans)

I didn't grab a screen shot of our would be departure day weather, Wednesday the 12th, but I do know it was 300' overcast here in Ocean City for the better part of the early morning. If memory serves me correct, we would have been able to head west before noon. This would have worked out very nice since KJVY would have been VFR, which always makes it easier.
Departure day in Louisville (today) would be an early start. Weather is looking good, winds 070 at 11 knots, overcast at 20k. Ocean City is once again IFR this morning but it looks to clearing around 11am.
The flight would be a three hour hop to KCKB, Clarksburg facing 17 knot headwinds. A stop and go for fuel then the last hop home of two hours and forty minutes to Ocean City.
I only wish I was flight planning for real and us actually heading home after a great time with our BAC Family. We are not sure what the future holds but for now it's one day at a time, together with my Bride.

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