Thursday, September 27, 2018

Matching Shoes

I can now wear my own shoe and no more leg bandages!  The Doctor ordered continued progressive weight bearing (40-60lb), and out of home therapy recommended for twice a week. I can finally shower, bag free on the leg, and can soak those dragon scales of my right foot. My next visit is scheduled for four weeks and the Doc wants me at 60-80lb weight bearing.


Of course me being me and feeling a bit better I had to ask if I could drive. The answer was an instant NO, not until I can stand on my right tippy toes full weight bearing. That's going to take a while, but I'll get there. At least he gave me a goal to shoot for.

Mary drove me to todays appointment since she has been cleared to drive. My bride no longer has to wear her back brace, unless she feels the need for extra support.

With all of our progress we decided to go out and have a celebratory lunch at one of our favorite places. Me, my Bride, and my walker, enjoying the sights and sounds out together. We are once again trying to make life normal.



Unknown said...

I remember reading about a Debonair crash in June, but had no idea I might know the pilot. Holy Cow! I'm glad you're gradually getting better. I hope you decide to get back in the air at just the right time, not too soon, and not too late.

Gary said...


Thanks for checking in!

Unfortunately that was me. However, Mary and I are making progress and doing well, all things considered. PT three days a week and trying to shed the wheel chair for full time walker, it will all happen in time.

As far as airplanes, we have no clue. While it feels great for me to hear and see planes come in an out of Ocean City, I'm not ready to climb back aboard. Mary and I have agreed to not deal with the airplane end of all this until sometime next year. First is to get healthy again and me walking unassisted.