Monday, September 17, 2018

VLOG Update

Just a quick update to keep the VLOG active on YouTube.  I sure miss posting flying videos!
I dug out the only remaining video camera I have left after the accident. I am using the Activeon CX Gold and the audio portion pretty much stinks. I will have to either secure a mic or figure some way to provide better audio.

I also added "Our Favorite Trips" under the Favorite Links section.  We are still looking through all of our posts and adding as we find special travels that provide so many great memories.  Check them out!


Unknown said...

wow wow wow .... that you are both still with us is a miracle and I know you are grateful beyond words. Hang tough you wo - you can do this ... many many more adventures yet to be shared together. Love from Tennessee xo

Gary said...


We have wondered that too. We continue to heal and deal with whatever life throws at us. Family, friends and neighbors have helped us along. Mary and I look forward to posting about new adventures. Our first will be a long get-away to warm temps and sand to just R&R. ;)

Chris said...

Good to see and hear you again, Gary.

Wheelchair and/or walker cam? Seems to me that your sense of humor healed up just fine!

Gary said...

Thanks, Chris. I have to keep the send of humor going, it keeps me sane. ;)