Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Hangar Visit

Today I ventured out to the Ocean City airport, thanks to fellow pilot Rob S (Rob's PPG Adventure).  Rob was on his way home from Soar the Shore held at Cambell Field - 9VG, and stopped in to see if Mary and I needed anything done around the house.  I have been wanting to check on our cars that are stored in our hangar, previously set up on trickle chargers by Rob himself. We were off to the airport!
Photo by Rob S.  Actually, that's Rob flying!
We rolled through the tenants gate passing below the Huey helicopter mounted for display. It brought a smile to my face, seeing the helicopter workhorse on guard.  As we passed the 100LL fuel pumps my anxiety was rising, now turning the corner for hangar bay F.  There was F7, home to our magic carpet for years.
Rob pulled his truck up to the hangar, then exited and unlocked the single door. As he stepped inside  I heard the hangar door latch spring open, a very familiar sound. I could see myself flowing through the exact routine. The door started to squeak as it road the metal rails to expose the planeless void.
Nothing but a car and a truck, it was depressing.  I exited the truck and used my walker to slowly make my way to my directors chair that Rob had repositioned inside the hangar.
There I sat, listening to all the airport sounds, my heart breaking.  Rob was very kind, giving me some time as he puttered about with disconnecting the chargers and driving the vehicles.

I gathered my thoughts and texted Mary, still at home.

It feels weird being here at the airport.  Rob is driving the all feels strange.

Mary texted back....It's great Rob is getting you out for awhile.  Are you ok?

I responded;  I'm ok, it just breaks my heart. life moves forward and I'm happy to be alive.

My Bride is the best, she then texted she was worried about me going to the airport but reminded me we have new adventures ahead of us.  I love her!

Rob returned finishing up and backing both the car and truck in, setting up the chargers once again.  With the vehicles exercised we loaded up for home.

It indeed felt strange, no pat on the cowl to acknowledge a good flight, no last look at the beacon to confirm the master is off.  Instead, the sound of the door latch securing the hangar door and closing of the single door. All while I sat in the truck......but life moves forward and I'm happy to be here.

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