Wednesday, December 02, 2015

FS Collins Transponder 28v

FOR SALE Yellow Tag (8130) Collins TDR 950 28v Transponder w/tray $300
The TDR-950 is a full featured transponder in a compact chassis. In fact, it has the shortest depth of all transponders, making it possible to install where other units simply won't fit. (Approximately 8.5" are required behind the instrument panel.)
The TDR-950 offers 250 watts of transmission power, operation up to 62,000 feet, and compatibility with encoders (either an encoding altimeter or a blind encoder).
The TDR-950 features:
4096 discrete codes
Mode C compatibility



Anonymous said...

Do you still have your Collins Transponder for sale?

Eric Bester

Gary said...

I sent you an email. Yes, the transponder is still for sale.