Saturday, December 12, 2015

N/A Golf Day

I played nine holes at American Classic Golf Club in Lewes Delaware today with my brother. He kicked my butt by nine strokes!
There was some work going on through out the course. Plenty of pallets of sod strategically placed clear of the course and sand piles to freshen up the bunkers.
I was the one that found one of the fresh piles of sand in the bunker on the last hole. I did make a real nice chip shot just short of the pin.
9th hole left bunker....Ughhhhh
Despite getting schooled it was a fun day in the sun. While the men played a round the ladies shopped the outlets. We all caught up and had a terrific lunch at Jakes Seafood on the Coastal Highway.


Jim and Sandie said...

Not a golfer but I know that getting beat by 9 strokes is not a good thing. However, Jake's sounded awfully good.

Gary said... he schooled me pretty good. Jakes was fun, good food and service. A nice stop just a few blocks from the golf course.