Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Breakfast Hop

I guess it seems repetitive to post about my breakfast flights but I never get tired of flying to/from these get-togethers.
ready and waiting on the destination
This morning I headed out to the airport after taking care of the zoo.  08Romeo was pre-heated and ready to go, I just needed to coax her out of the hangar. This mornings hop would be a quick one, just 25 miles. I got the destination text from Jeff D from with the Woodbine group, we are a go.

looking north west towards my destination, you can see the haze
I pulled off the moving blanket from the cowl that I use to help keep heat in the engine compartment and pulled the nose plugs. With my preflight complete I got 08Romeo started and taxied for runway three-two.
Looking south east at Assateague parkland then the ocean!
As I climbed out you could see the light mist covering some areas but as I headed north I could see through it, very pretty sight. Up ahead it looked like Georgetown might require an approach but the same view with the mist appeared as I got closer.  I set up for my landing on runway two-eight and taxied for the ramp.
I ordered fuel, enough to bring me to forty gallons. The fuel price is $4.50 a gallon and with the discount, if you eat at the restaurant, it works out to $4.27 a gallon.

The group numbered 8-10 as a guess and we sat split up in three groups since the place was so busy. Always a great time catching up with Jeff D and talking airplanes and cross country flying. After finishing up we all headed out to the ramp. One by one we taxied out and the group headed north east while this pilot pointed south.
flight back to Ocean City
I made a nice landing and rolled out long to taxi back to the hangar. I cleaned up the leading edges as I do after every flight and hooked up the battery minder along with the pre-heats in case we fly.

I should work on my year in review numbers and get that post ready to upload. I can't believe this years is almost over.

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