Sunday, June 13, 2010

BAC Fest Planning

Beech Aero Club Fest(BACFEST)is just around the corner! Here we are mid June ,aircraft owners for 8 months, planning to return to Texas where we purchased and flew home 08Romeo. October looks to be a busy month for the both of us. We have the POA forum fly-in to Windwood Resort in Davis,West Virgina the first weekend and the plan was to fly from there to San Antonio with overnights in Nashville and Memphis. With Mary back to work we may have to cut those plans short and fly via the spam can (commercial flight) to Texas the following weekend since she has to build some vacation time.
I really don't want to go myself if Mary can't make the trip, it just won't be the same. Half the fun of flying is exploring new things together and making memories. We talked over dinner last night and think we may have a plan. Mary will put in for one day off, Friday October 8th and we can fly out Thursday late afternoon or evening returning Sunday afternoon. We will save some money not having to board the dogs from the 1st through the 10th and I can save on two oil changes, pre and post trip. The cost of two round trip tickets will equal my fuel burn one way (@140 gallons x 4.50 gallon = $630) granted it won't be as much fun and we won't get to make stops in Nashville and Memphis but we would be able to attend the gathering. More planning and discussions to follow.

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