Sunday, June 27, 2010

IR Lesson v2.5

Tonight's lesson was a scorcher. I was soaked by the time we were rolling for takeoff. The pre-flight plan for tonight was direct Woodstown (OOD) then Cedar Lake (VCN) and a diversion to Millville. The simulated IMC started on climb out as I passed through three hundred feet and flipped the foggles in place. I updated the Garmin 530 for a new direct heading I was on track and altitude good passing Woodstown. Approaching VCN I slowed to ninety knots, went through WIRE and once again briefed the VOR A approach into Millville. My laps in the hold were good and I compensated for the winds along the way. Three laps later I was following the VOR A approach. My altitude started to fluctuate and if this was the check ride I would have busted.
Following the VOR approach I went missed and tracked back to VCN for a few more laps. Next up after the hold was the ILS RWY 10 (pictured above)and again not to the PTS standards for altitude. I did the procedure turn and tracked the localizer fine but I was slow on the glide slope intercept and now riding high. This approach ended with me going missed. I screwed the missed and should have went direct VCN but I tracked to intercept the 036 radial, I made the change and corrected my heading. A lap around the hold and on to the GPS RWY 28 approach and a role play ATC directive to proceed direct NENYI. NENYI is not an IAP so to track to it on the GPS I had to load the approach hit the direct button turn the right outer knob to the window for way points. Once NENYI came up I hit direct and enter, I was on my way. The GPS 28 approach tracked just fine and this one ended in a full stop.

I gulped down my water that had warmed to the touch and set up for my return home to Wilmington.Once wheels up I went back under the foggles. We role played ATC with heading and altitude changes and I was rock solid with both. I completed WIRE and made my call to the tower. I lifted the foggles on final and made an ok landing to end the night.

2.2 hours that seemed like I flew double that. I was hot tired and had a wicked headache. I was glad to get home, take a cool shower and knock down two advils to make the head stop pounding. Next up Tuesday IF I get the oil changed. TFR in Wilmington tomorrow and Tuesday.


ddf said...

What a GREAT workout. I could always tell how hard I worked by how hard my head was pounding (and the soaked shirts). Good job! Please translate W>I>R>E That's new one for me.

Gary said...

W- Wx,ATIS info noted
I - Instruments set
R - Radios set
E - everything else...IAP ready and reviewed

I make this call 'prior to' making the final turn to the initial approach fix or 10-15 miles out from that fix. Its just a reminder/check list I like to do. Prior to the FAF I'll run through GUMPS and since my gear is down and welded I use the "U" for thing yoU should know; Pattern altitude and traffic pattern for VFR and first two steps of the missed approach IR.