Wednesday, June 02, 2010

IR Home Stretch

My first instrument lesson since April 1, 2009. I went up today for 1.6 with my new CFII, Tom. It was so nice to review some of the oral prep and discuss today's flight prior to launch. Today was a review consisting of basic attitude instrument flying, slow flight and stalls, under the hood. I did some VOR tracking as we headed to Smyrna (ENO) then on to Cedar Lake(VCN)and finally Woodstown (OOD) followed by vectors to the pattern at Wilmington (KILG). Tom took notes and said he will provide a review via email. My procedures were good, my scan a bit slow, as I started to fixate on Attitude indicator,but overall a productive lesson.


Steve said...

With the hips all polished and ready to go, you should have the IR knocked off in no time! :)

Gary said...

lmao....well you would think so. I hope to get this finished up, it's been draging on forever! Tom finished his last student in 28 days.