Thursday, June 10, 2010

IR Lesson v2.2

Plan for tonight:
1. More serious vertical "S" as discussed.
2. Compass and timed turns (partial panel).
3. More VOR navigation, adding holding patterns.

I met up with CFII Tom as the fuel truck just pulled away from 08Romeo. I wanted to top off to twenty gallons each side after flying with Mike. We debriefed the previous flight lesson and reviewed what was on tap for this evening. Tom had his new iPad and we discussed with illustrations (scratch pad feature) holds and entries, a good quick review. We traded a few other questions and answers then got to the business of flying.

Once again Wilmington Ground sent me to runway two seven at Mike, hold for landing traffic. I was soon in the air climbing out for the practice area. The foggles went on as I entered simulated Instrument Meteorological Conditions(IMC). Once level at three thousand I started the vertical S turns. Descending right 360's at 500 feet a minute. So, in one 360 degree standard rate turn I should be down to two thousand feet. At this point I roll into the opposite turn and immediately start the climb back to 3000. I did a bunch of these, as you can see and really held the altitude to standard. From the vertical S's I tracked to the Smyrna (ENO) VOR and held East on the 90 degree radial. I had some quartering tail winds that pushed me along so after the first lap I had to shorten my time outbound to hit the inbound track and cross the station at one minute. I had the correction nailed on my third lap and held for a few more rounds before letting Dover approach know I was finished with the practice holds. I headed into Wilmington tracking the DuPont VOR then vectors for a straight in on runway three two. It was a fun lesson and I really felt good after we secured the plane. Next up will be some approaches, partial panel and diversions. I feel the ride is getting close.

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