Sunday, June 20, 2010

Practice Fun Time

It's Fathers day and our BBQ is cancelled since Mary's diverticulitis is acting up. She has been off her feet all day with intermittent sick puncuating the pain. I contacted Mike to see if he wanted to get some air and safety pilot time. Mike is always up for a flight so we agreed to let some of the heat dissipate and plan to meet around 4pm. I headed to the plane just after 3pm so I could try and adjust my landing light. I need to pick up two small washers to bump up the angle to center more out front of the plane than 50 feet out.

Mike and I headed to KLOM, Wings field so he could take a look at the Cirrus rentals. The current fleet is going to expand and the rates are very competitive. After we gathered the aircraft info we strolled over to the Aviation Country Club for a look see. The pool was open, people were playing tennis but the bar and dining area were closed. We will have to bring the ladies up for dinner sometime soon.

We checked out the school and the pilot shop before heading back to the plane. We went back and forth whether to head to Lancaster and Fiorentinos or to Chester County for the Flying Machine Grill. Chester County won out and we saddled up. We climbed out of Wings and dialed in KMQS along with the ILS RWY 29 approach and vectors to final. Mike and I role played as I set up for the approach. I went through my WIRE and GUMPS, intercepted the localizer and tracked in. It was looking really good "on rails" as Mike stated right up until about 800 feet. The DH is 919 feet but I rode it a bit farther. I got a bit out of shape and was left of the runway but could have landed. I should have flipped up the foggles at 900 feet! We took a break for dinner at the Flying Machine Cafe' and planned for the flight home. It's always great talking about flying with Mike, he is really into it and reads so much he provides a wealth of knowledge. I wish I had half of the dedication to study that he does.

I set up another run at the ILS RWY 29, vectors to final and made a very nice approach. We went missed and exited the MQS air space and headed towards Wilmington. I worked on partial panel but this time utilized the Garmin 530 and the 496. The OBS button is a real gem when trying to hold, especially with the partial panel going on. As I'll explain in the next post the OBS button allows you to dial in a course which I did from the ENO VOR. The role play ATC by Mike directed me as follows "08R hold NORTHWEST on the Dupont Vortac 330 Radial, 10 DME, Right Turns". I plugged in the DQO (DuPont)VOR, intercepted the 150 degree radial TO, read the DME as 12 miles and continued to count down to the station. The plan is to turn right out bound at 10 DME to a 330 degree heading. I think sometimes it sounds more confusing then it is.

After the hold we swapped control and Mike shot the GPS RWY 17 approach into KEVY, Summit. Mike flys 08Romeo very well and it's fun to watch him chug and plug. He is always busy staying ahead of the plane and it seems three steps ahead of the approach, I want to get there too. Once going missed and making the traffic call to Summit we once again swapped control. I flew us home to Wilmington making my call 9 miles out with the current ATIS, altitude and where we were going on the field. I made my way for runway two seven and as directed would report entering a left base. I had to hold altitude for other traffic on the way in and asked to start my descent. I was cleared to land and made an ok landing to end the night. 2.5 in the book, 2 approaches, one night landing. FUN STUFF!!!!

It doesn't look like I can get on Tom's schedule until Sunday night, this is not good. I don't want this to drag on, I just want to finish up. I'll confirm with an email tomorrow, today was just to hectic and I really was to beat to fly tonight. Remember pilots IMSAFE.

I - Illness, Do I have an illness or any symptoms of an illness?
M-Medication, Have I been taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs?
S- Stress, Am I under psychological pressure from the job, financial, health, family?
A -Alcohol, Have I been drinking within eight hours? Within 24 hours?
F - Fatigue, Am I tired and not adequately rested?
E - Eating, Am I adequately nourished?

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