Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IR Lesson v2.6

Another night of flying under the hood. Tom and I swapped text messages and an email or two as I acknowledged the updated planned lesson time this evening. I was really disappointed with my altitude work the other night so I really wanted to go out and show Tom I can do this IR stuff. I took on fuel to the slots in each tank and completed my pre-flight. Tom and I discussed tonight's plan of action and did some additional review from last time up. Tom is really good about talking through the lessons and game planning for upcoming flights, both big time positives for the IR students to have in their corner.
We headed south for the Smyrna VOR and once crossing the station proceeded direct Woodstown (OOD). From Woodstown it was direct Cedar Lake and a procedure turn (PT)for the VOR A approach into Millville. I was a bit anxious to start the direct turn inbound on the VOR A approach and as you can see by the track I started it at the Woodstown VOR, a sure fire bust on the ride but I corrected.
Ok, back on track and under control with altitude and heading looking good. I made the PT and headed to Millville. A very nice approach and a missed turning me back to Cedar lake. A few laps in the hold correcting for wind and adjusting times went well. I was turned loose to again shoot the VOR Approach in Millville. Once again I went missed and followed vectors for the ILS RWY 10 approach. All my checks went well as I flowed through WIRE, GUMPS and the Five T's. I really need to verbalize this at every way point. The ILS approach was very good and I asked to land so I could take a short break and gulp down water. I was a bit hot coming in and floated 08Romeo down the runway a spell.
Once reconfigured I launched for Wilmington. It's a short hop and hard not to let your guard down after the multiple approach work. Altitude and heading went well as I followed vectors and altitude changes right to final. Foggles up and configure 08 Romeo to land followed by a full stall landing and soft touchdown. A nice way to end the lesson.

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