Sunday, May 03, 2015

Breakfast with my Bride

Saturday 5/2/15

The plan for Saturday was a flight to Hatteras, NC to meet up with fellow BAC members.  Looking at the wx the temps were calling for 60* and gusts 20+, not our idea of a fun beach day.  I posted on the BAC forum that we were going to cancel. Instead, we decided to make the hop across the Delaware Bay and enjoy breakfast at the Cape May airport.
RT 50 into OCMD
08Romeo was on the heaters all night so after a pre-flight she was ready to go.  Mary and I boarded and headed out for runway three -two.  I slowly climbed out shadowing the shore line and Mary really enjoyed the view.  On all of our flights to/from the beach she never had the chance to fly the shore line.  Today we took our time, battled the headwind, enjoyed the climb out and the Bay crossing.
I entered a left base for runway one at Cape May, KWWD.  A smooth landing even though it was flat.  Mary commented, "how come I don't hear that horn thing anymore",  Ughhhh...because my landings are F-L-A-T, flat.  

The restaurant was very busy but it was a short wait as tables started to open up.  Great breakfast and service this morning.
Lighthouse Sound Golf Course.  The next group of structures north of the airport, almost center frame is the RV park we kept our Motor home at every season until we purchased our  current home.
I launched off of runway two-eight and climbed for the coast.  I held on station between the cape may light house and ferry terminal until I gained altitude for a safe crossing. There was a ferry crossing the Bay so that is always an emergency option if need be.

METAR KOXB 021453Z AUTO 03011KT 10SM CLR 14/07 A3001

I listened to the AWOS at Ocean City and continued inbound. All of a sudden I started to get this tired feeling and felt like I had to force myself to concentrate...this was a first. I listened to the AWOS again and decided on runway two zero.  Yes, take a look at the METAR again. I made a nice landing despite the tail wind and higher speed rolling out, I was happy to be home.  We secured 08Romeo and head home.

Once we got to the house I drank down a few gatorades and then crashed, I was dead beat tired. I have no clue what caused that feeling other than maybe dehydration.

Sunday 5/3/15

This morning Mary and I decided to catch up with the Woodbine crew for breakfast.  Wow, back to back flying days for my Bride, it's been a long time since that happened.  We were out the door early and in the air shortly after 9:30.  KGED is just a 10-15 minute hop so we were good to go. I was eight miles out and heard Harv call in his Mooney, then Jeff called in his Mooney. I made my calls and followed Jeff into runway 04.  A great landing with plenty of stall horn, I'm really trying to get back to that sight picture.  My lovely Bride commented, "there's that horn thing...very nice Gary."
It was fun to see the Woodbine gang and we enjoyed a very nice breakfast together.  I took on twenty gallons of fuel to bring me back to 50 gallons and because the price was $4.50 for full serve plus you get 10% off if you eat there along with the .23 a gallon tax rebate for the fuel tax. Win win win.
(file photo)
It was a bumpy ride home but we enjoyed getting back in the air.  We did get to see the B25 Panchito practice landings and saw her climbing out after our departure.

Mary helped tuck 08Romeo in and we headed home to see what mischief we could get into with such a beautiful wx day here at the beach.


Jim and Sandie said...

And I think we have such an adventure when we actually get out of bed and go out to breakfast. lol Taking your bride on two flights has to be very special. No more getting dehydrated though. That can be scary.

Chris said...

Congratulations on getting that "horn thing" back, Gary! :-) I don't know about you, but I feel like my landings go through cycles of being awesome for a time, then not-so-awesome. I think I'm coming out of a not-so-awesome cycle at the moment.

Gary said...

Sandie, you and Jim are living the adventure!

Gary said...

Chris, I seem to go in cycles too. If I work at it they seem fine, if I get a bit lazy and just get it on the ground I think that's when they get flat. I keep hearing my PPL instructor telling me to fly it until I tie it.

Steve said...

"That horn thing" - love it. She's a good, observant passenger, that's for sure! When not asleep, at least. :)