Saturday, May 09, 2015

Flight Plan OXB - I67

Mary and I decided we are going to head west, ok Midwest, ah..make that Ohio.  Some time late this month or early June we are going to visit Ted and Laurie. The plan is just starting out and I have toyed with a few route options. Unfortunately the Washington DC SFRA gets in the way and I'll need to compare route times for a north or south passage.
Just playing around on the computer this morning with Skyvector and I think I have a tentative plan. The first leg will be north of DC, over Baltimore and on to KMGW, Morgantown Municipal Airport in West Virginia. This will be a fuel check and top off along with a quick FBO stop.
We'll load up and make the last 2 hour plus hop into I67, Cincinnati West Airport located in Harrison, Ohio.  Total flight time just over four and a half hours not counting our stops.

Mary is so excited to see the twins and Robert. It will only be a long weekend get-away but getting some time with our friends is worth the time planning and flying.

Next up on our flight planning will be a trip north. Mary and I want to visit with our friends Adam and his Bride Jeanine in New Hampshire.  It will be our first visit with them since they got married.  We missed their wedding due to my back injury while moving, resulting in a herniated disc.

As the summer rolls on we hope to head out to new locations. We are in the planning stage for Jekyll Island in September, looking at routing and hotels. We would also like to make another flight to explore more of the Maine coast during July or August, at least we will escape some of the heat here at the beach in OCMD and get some great lobster up north.


Jim and Sandie said...

It's always fun to plan get aways. I'm working on our journey north for the summer and I think planning the trip is as much fun as actually doing it. Like you, we plan our journey around the weather. Maybe even more so cause you can probably get up above it.

Gary said...

Sandie, Some of those monster clouds are to tall to climb above. Mary and I say it's like driving through NYC and all the tall buildings. :)

I guess you and Jim will be heading north for the summer. I'm looking forward to reading along on your blog. safe travels.

Steve said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys 'round these parts!

Gary said...

Steve, we rescheduled. I'll let you know when we're coming out your way. OXB was closed the Friday we were scheduled to leave and I'll leave it at that. Grrrr.....

Steve said...

Had a feeling - was trying to put together all the timelines while being in blog-catch-up mode. Let me know!