Thursday, May 28, 2015

RWY 2/20, 14/32 CLSD

It's looking like a ground pounding type of day. No, not because of the wx forecast but instead both runways are closed at KOXB. :(
The thought process is to make a run to Helen's Sausage House for supplies, check out Summit Aviation at KEVY for fees and ground transportation and visit the Veterans Cemetery to visit Mary's parents.  We like to keep the plaque cleaned up and make sure Pop has a flag at all times.
It's 9am and we are heading out the door for today's adventure. I haven't made this run since the end of March, I don't miss it. We made good time with little traffic heading north bound. I made a stop at Helen's for a sandwich and we purchased 5 lbs of links for later use...yummy. Back on the road heading north north-east, I followed RT896 then RT71/301 to the Veterans Memorial. We made another quick stop for flowers and then made three right turns to the memorial.
The grounds are always immaculate, the ground crew does a fantastic job and I'm sure all the families appreciate the special care they provide. It gives me chills to see all the flags, so many men and women that have served our Country.
Our next stop was a six minute drive. We checked in at Summit Aviation, KEVY to inquire about a crew/courtesy car. They do have a car available, first come first serve. The remaining ride south was typical travel time, a bit more traffic than this morning but moving very well.
I'm looking forward to the next visit by plane, 40 minutes each way sure beats and hour and forty minutes of driving each way.

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