Friday, May 22, 2015

Hop For Fuel

This morning Mary was going to head to the beach with our friend Pam.  That works for me, I'll get the main gear cleaned and painted and make the short hop to top off fuel for our Wilkes-Barre trip. I preflighted 08Romeo and launched for Georgetown, Sussex County, KGED. It was beautiful this morning so I pulled the power and chugged along taking a few pictures.

The Parke at Ocean Pines. Our house!
I did manage to work on steep turns and since there was only one other aircraft inbound for GED I did some slow flight.  With the headwind approaching GED and full flaps I think I flew backwards! Well I flew pretty darn slow listening to the stall horn then calling it quits.
Ocean Downs Casino
I entered the pattern on a left base for two-eight and made a nice landing. I'm once again hearing the stall horn, the horn thing as my Bride calls it. I taxied in and parked next to a King Air and placed my order for fuel.

I ordered to the slots plus six which would put me at 52 gallons. I figured a 4 gallon burn back to Ocean City so I would be sitting around 48 total for tomorrow's flight.
Selbyville, DE
I did have lunch at Arenas, a massive bacon monster BLT. Service was quick, food excellent and I got an additional ten cents a gallon off for eating there.  Couple that discount with the fuel tax rebate of twenty three cents a gallon at tax time and the fuel price per gallon works out to $4.42, not bad.
I made the quick hop back to OXB and taxied to the hangar. The wheels were next on my list for clean up so I did the degrease, wash and prep for paint. They turned out ok and at least look clean for our get-away.


Jim and Sandie said...

So where you park the plane doesn't have fuel? How far can you fly on a full tank of fuel? I would be calling it the horn thingie also. The wheels look really nice. Jim's been cleaning stuff on our RV so it doesn't look quite so wore out.

Gary said...

Ocean city has fuel but its $5.29 a gallon. The other airport is just 15 minutes away and they have a good restaurant.

Just like when we had the motorhome, the plane needs some upkeep to keep looking good too.

Jim also has the boat to keep up, toys take up time. At least he really enjoys fishing like I do flying. Men and boys....only difference is the price of their toys. ;)