Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wing Walk

Wait, you thought maybe I was going to wing walk?  LMAO! No, not a chance.  Instead, it's time to upgrade the wing walk area on 08Romeo.

Ok, the plan for this rainy beach day is to finish 08Romeo's detail by CAVU back on March 21st and get the wing walk areas looking just as good as Ivan left the rest of the plane. My plan of attack is to purchase a product made by Rustoleum or Krylon.  Not just paint but an anti-skid paint to dress up the existing wing walk product.
Step 1 - Painters tape and plenty of newspaper/detailers paper to protect the aircraft.
Step 2 - lightly wire brush existing area and clean with compressed air.
Step 3 - Shake the heck out of the can and get all that good grit moving.
Step 4 - Get the blue gloves on and cross my fingers that I apply the product smooth and even.
As I finished taping off the pilot/left side I realized I forgot to take pictures of the process...DUH!
I got the left side ready to wire brush and took a few shots. I also managed to shoot the non-slip paint on my steps. They look good and now have the extra grip for Mary and I when we climb aboard.
I did take a few of the right side between coats.  Here is the right side after the second coat was applied and then the final results after the paper and tape are removed.
Overall I think the results are fabulous! This job took some time to paper off and prep but overall much easier than the wing walk product and using rollers. One spray can did two coats on each side and it was easy to shoot since it was one of those cans you could hold in any direction. The product has very good texture and for under $7 it was worth the time and effort to complete 08Romeos spring detail.


Jim and Sandie said...

Your blog title had me worried and it made my stomach do a little flip flop. Whatever gene it is that some people have that make them so brave (or stupid as the case may be) I don't have that one. Looking good though.

Gary said...

:) No worries, I'm not crazy...not totally crazy yet! The wing walks cleaned up nice.

Chris said...

Looks great, Gary.

So...let me get this straight. That first photo is NOT of you, right?


Gary said...

Not me, but I play the winner. ;)

Diggerdavid said...

Wow, what a pro! Great job! Mine next!