Monday, December 14, 2015

N/A New Bikes

Mary and I decided to ask Santa for bikes this Christmas.  Fortunately, both were delivered early and I assembled them fairly quickly. I took my cruiser on a test ride, I nearly gave myself a heart attack! Where we all those gear selections like my old ten speed? Hmmm, I should have asked Santa for at least a three speed instead of this fixed/single speed, this thing doesn't coast.

Mary's Cruiser
I did some research online and ended up purchasing two Shimano Nexus 3 speed upgrade kits. Both kits cost zip, thanks to American Express points. My only added cost will be sweat equity to make the change.

Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Wheel Set with Shifter
I removed both tires and tubes from the original bike rims and transferred them to the two new rims.  Pretty easy, no tools needed but some hand strength is required. I did have to reuse the rubber protection that covers the spoke hubs since the new set of rims did not have them.

My ride
I bolted the new front wheel back on the bike and started with the gear assembly. I would say it went smooth with the only issue getting the snap ring in place since my spreader didn't open wide enough. I ended up using a pair of needle nose pliers working in reverse to open the ring and a flat screwdriver to hold the clip in place. Once I got it started I worked the remaining portion around the gear assembly until it locked in place.
I did watch a video prior to starting the upgrade to make sure I understood the process. The video wasn't in English but it's the best I could find and the guy provided an excellent detail of each step. Tomorrow I will air the tires up and take test ride number two.


Jim and Sandie said...

I have a trike and love it. My balance is lousy so that works for me. Enjoy your cruisers.

Gary said...

If you would have seen my first attempt at riding in 40+ years, after you stopped laughing, you would say I needed a trike.

Adding the three speed kits really made a difference!