Sunday, March 18, 2018

Breakfast Flight

08Romeo had preheats on for two days, we needed to fly.  The weather was looking fantastic so today was the day to get the oil pumping. Mary passed on the flight so I was solo.  I did post on Facebook to see who was getting in the air but Chris H (Photographic Logbook) was headed to St. Mary's...In Pennsylvania, NOT across the Chesapeake Bay here in Maryland. Charles G was headed to Richmond, Virginia so he was out and Adam Z wasn't ready to go as early as I was, he was also out.
 I wanted to try some new camera angles out so off I went, solo. I had issues turning on the Activeon CX, the sun glare prevented me from getting a good look at the screen. I launched off of runway three-two and climbed out to smooth flying at just three thousand feet.
Typical flight, hands in my lap, looking for traffic and taking some pictures along the way. I let down for Cambridge as a flight of five was departing the area. I made a nice landing and taxied to an empty ramp with first selection on any tie down.
The church crowd hadn't hit the restaurant yet so I walked right in and was seated. Today's breakfast was creamed chipped beef on biscuits with scrapple. Kay's does not deep fry their scrapple, it's cooked on the grill. No sweet tea this morning, instead, a big mug of hot tea to take the chill out. Maybe next time I'll wear a jacket instead of a flannel over a T-shirt.
As I got ready to climb aboard 08Romeo I noticed there was traffic inbound. I taxied for runway three-four and as I approached a stub taxiway I had to pull power since a Cessna decided not to hold but to zoom out on the same taxiway, well duh. The pilot did taxi across to an open ramp area and waited for me to pass by. Why not just hold short, he was clear of the runway hold short line.
I waited for a beautiful yellow cub to land and then announced my departure. 08Romeo climbed out, above pattern altitude as I kept visual contact on the cub. The flight path was reverse of the flight here, same altitude, three thousand.
When I started this blog I decided I would post my flights, learning moments, great landings, approaches and my screw ups.

Here goes...

I was ten west of Ocean City tracking another aircraft inbound about eight miles ahead of me. When the Saratoga announced I recognized the voice, Mike, the owner of Ocean Aviation. We swapped greetings and each continued in for runway zero-two. Mike announced on the 45° for left down wind, I made my five mile call and a Bonanza announced ten or so south-west inbound. Mike called final, I announced on the 45° for two-zero. Brain fart, it's the wrong runway. The Bonanza quickly checks what the active runway is, polite speak for hey buddy WTH are you doing. I correct my position call and announce for zero-two. Mike clears the runway and advised about the winds, excellent. I turn left base but announce crosswind (heard the mistake on the video). I'm sure at this moment the Bo pilot thinks I'm a hazard and maybe rightly so. I announce final and make a very nice landing, taxi clear and thankfully make my last call.
After securing 08Romeo I drove past the Bo pilot and his bride, who were taking on fuel at the self serve. They both waved but his look was priceless, deservedly so. I hung my head in shame as I drove by and out the gate. Somehow I found my way home. Insert eye roll.


Chris said...

It sure was a beautiful day! Ours was a lunch run and, despite smooth air on the outbound leg, the turbulence fairy was busy over northern PA for the return. Still, a good day to fly with my daughter and friends.

Check your radio settings...maybe you accidentally set it for “novice”. ;-) I feel your pain.

Gary said...

Chris, it was a beautiful day to fly. Hope you all had fun, despite the bumpy ride on the way home.

I haven't had a radio day like that since I first climbed in the plane for my PPL training. We all make mistakes on occasion and quickly correct, but yesterday was very bizarre during those last five minutes of flight. ;) Thanks for the reminder, I will check radio settings and make sure it wasn't inadvertently set to 'novice'.