Monday, March 05, 2018

Solo Breakfast Flight

My lovely bride is feeling under the weather again today. With one nor'easter having just passed through and another making its way to the mid-Atlantic the barometric pressure changes are triggering her migraines. The best treatment is a quiet dark room and sleep to help break the pattern.  After making sure she was ok for a few hours (read zoo taken care of and me Mr. noisy out of the house) I set out for a solo hop across the Delaware Bay and into the garden state for breakfast at the Flight Line Restaurant, located on the field at the Millville Airport.
Cape Henlopen
The winds were still blowing but nothing like the last few days. Ocean City saw peak gusts of 54kts/62mph and it has been sustained winds between 25kts/28mph and 45kts/52mph since Thursday night. Todays airport weather was winds 350°
13kts gusting 20kts on departure. The sun was warming things up and I was ready to get some flight time.

I taxied out and launched from runway three-two and road the bumps until passing through 2,800 feet. The ride was smooth and hands off from that point, as I climbed to 7,500 feet for the Bay crossing. I monitored Dover Approach and Atlantic City Approach but it was pretty quiet. The temps were only 9°at was Brrrr...chilly.
I crossed the Delaware Bay, fighting 25knt headwinds. I decided to follow the west shore line of Cape May instead of keeping feet wet for a longer distance. The jog only added a few minutes and it's worth the safety factor in my minds eye.
I announced my position as I worked my way to Millville and as I announced turning final I totally brain farted. I blurted out Millville traffic, Sundowner 08Romeo final runway three-two Ocean City. Yep, flowed right out AND I never caught myself. Another aircraft in the pattern asked what airport I was at, I thought that was odd since I always give the airport. Once home and editing the video I heard myself blow the airport call and now I know why he asked. Yes fellow pilot, your thoughts are correct, I'm a dope.
I passed over the numbers and seemed to float for a distance slowing to the point of transitioning to hover mode, kidding, but the airspeed was really low. Winds were 310° 8kts Gusting 15kts. It was a good landing followed by my taxi to parking for the restaurant, leg one completed.

My order was for a cheese omelet with bacon and home fries along with a hot mug of tea. I missed the breakfast crowd, which was nice. I enjoyed people watching and the quiet time as I sat and finished my hot beverage. Despite the weather the last few days, the Millville airport looked to be in very good shape.
KMIV - Millville Airport
It was time to get back in the air and point 08Romeo for home. Our cat Jake has a vet appointment at 2pm and I don't want to be late, I promised Mary I would drive. I saddled up and replaced the battery in my VIRB XE so I didn't run out on my landing at the home field. Big Sky seemed busy with students and it looks like they are completely moved to the new hangar on the field, formerly leased by Boeing.
Port Norris, NJ

sand pits
The winds were now 340° 12kts Gusting 19kts, so runway three-two was my choice. I taxied out, crossing ten-two eight and had a nice chat with the maintenance manager Joe C on UNICOM. I really need to get Joe in the air and let him do his magic with a camera. I made my departure call and climbed out to follow the pattern and depart for Cape May on the left down wind.
It was a bumpy ride but once above 3,000 feet it felt much better. I continued my climb for 6,500 feet in order to trace my crossing back over the Delaware Bay, but now with a tail wind. I enjoyed ground speeds of 135kts and quickly crossed, letting down for the Lewes area. I located my former project and settled in at 3,000 feet for a few pictures.
Once the photo shoot was completed I turned for home. Still enjoying the tail winds, I made it to Ocean City in very short order. There was traffic close by so I made my typical position calls, for the correct airport this time, and continued in now descending.

The schools Arrow was in the air and I exchanged a hello with owner Mike. There was also one plane taking off, a Cherokee, and we swapped position reports with my confirmation that I had him in sight. I crossed over the field and entered the left down wind, slowing for approach flap speed. First notch added, then a second notch with the last added on final. I was over the numbers and settled 08Romeo in for a nice landing, missing the first taxiway but happy to save brakes and taxi to the end. It was good to be home after a fun flight and get 08Romeo tucked back in her nest.

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