Sunday, March 04, 2018

Garmin Data Excluded

 Due to system, software, or source data limitations, some data items are excluded from the final database for the following products covered under Garmin's Type 2 LOA.

The following lists detail those data items excluded for the 1802 cycle. (Note: Details of those data items excluded for cycle 1802 are also reprinted below following the cycle 1803 exclusions.) This exclusions report is for the Navigation Database by Jeppesen.

RNAV (GPS) approaches with LP minima removed due to lack of descent angle. The following issue affects G1000, Embraer Prodigy, Cirrus Perspective, G950 and G900X, G2/3/5000, GTN 6xx/7xx series product families and GNS 400W/500W product families.

Some RNAV (GPS) approaches have been removed due to an issue with the lack of a descent angle on approaches that have an LP service level. For additional details, see
Service Advisory 1372
Resolution Status           

Garmin product family:Resolved in software version:Ref. Service Bulletin (if applicable):
G1000 familyGDU v15.00 and latern/a
G2/3/5000 familyGDU v5.00 and latern/a
GNC 430W/530Wv5.10 and laterSB 1403
GTN 6xx/7xxv5.13 and laterSB 1466

I have been bitten in the butt by this on a previous flight, coming home from Olathe, KS (KIXD) and heading to my first fuel stop at Mt. Sterling, KY (KIOB).

I was told to expect the RNAV GPS RWY 3 approach, cleared direct ZITXI. The 530 gave the choice of the RNAV 21, NDB 3, NDB 21 but no RNAV 3. The plates were there on my iPad mini 3 and Foreflight. I advised approach I could not get the RNAV to load, I'll take the NDB 3. I ended up canceling once I had the field in sight and made my calls on Unicom, coordinating with a freight hauler flying in, in  a Cessna 404 Titan.

Since that day I have checked with the latest Garmin alerts for my flights, especially on those definite IMC days.

I just wanted to provide the info as a heads up to fellow pilots.  A special thanks to Chris at Photographic Logbook, who pointed me in the right direction back in October 2015, in the blog post comments,after my above mentioned flight.

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