Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cape May NJ and Mama's Junk

By air to Cape May
By taxi to Mama's Junk Co.
The weather was beautiful, sunny and 48°  with winds just 8 mph here in Ocean City. It was a good day to fly!

Mary and I have been wanting to check out the new shop, Mama's Junk Co., in Cape May Court House New Jersey located just nine miles from the airport.  I had 08Romeo plugged in overnight so she was toasty and ready to go when we arrived, I just needed fuel. I called the terminal and they dispatched the fuel truck to our hangar to dispense 24 gallons of go-go juice.
I completed my run up and launched from runway three-two.  I joined the pattern and departed to the north-east on the base leg, well above pattern altitude.  I flew along just on the west side of Ocean City, shadowing the Isle of Wight and Assawoman Bays.  Mary got a great view.
I climbed for five thousand five hundred and went feet wet.  I had my new vest on, my bride declined. We faced 15 knot headwinds crossing the Bay but enjoyed the view and smooth ride.  Just past the halfway point I started to let down for the pattern at Cape May.  Traffic was very light, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I made my position calls and set up to land on runway two-eight.
I sent Mary inside to get out of the cooler temps and windy conditions on the ramp.  I secured 08Romeo and installed the cowl plugs to try and retain any heat that I could.  We had a short wait at the flight deck for seating but our timing was spot on. The place was clearing out as we were ready to be seated. Mary ordered the Swiss and mushroom burger on a Panini bread, I had the burger with Canadian bacon, cheese, pickled onions, and BBQ sauce with fries. The food and service was excellent.
I contacted the FBO to ask about a courtesy car and/or rentals.  No courtesy car and the rental would not be back until 3pm.  I asked if they could recommend a taxi service and he asked if I had Uber.  No sir, I don't do Uber or Lyft...I'm stuck in another generation, rent or taxi.  He chuckled and gave me a taxi service phone number.
The taxi pulled up to the Terminal building within fifteen minutes and we were soon on our way north up Main Street (Route 9) to Hand Avenue, 204 Hand Ave., to be exact. We were dropped off at the front door of Mama's Junk Co., and made arrangement to be picked up in an hour, unless we called for an early pick up. Mary and I wandered around the store and were impressed with the items for sale.  This was a warm up for our trip to Magnolia Market, just on a really smaller scale.  The owners were a young couple and they were very gracious hosts.  Did we buy anything?  Don't be ridiculous....of course we did.
Forty minutes later we were back in the taxi and heading to he airport. It was fun to travel the old roads that I did previously, when working at the DRBA.  However, the ride was much more enjoyable this time around.
We accessed the ramp through the gate next to the Operations building and walked twenty yards to the plane. Mary climbed aboard while I pulled the wheel chocks and cowl plugs followed by a quick pre-flight. We were good to go and I climbed aboard.  The winds had picked up, but the departure climb once above pattern wasn't too bad.  The climb out was, how can I say this, like an amusement ride that drew a stare (or is that glare) from my Bride.

I circled near the lighthouse and then turned to cross the Delaware Bay.  There was a ferry boat below heading in each direction crossing, and we now enjoyed a tail wind.  I followed the coast line all the way until RT 50 and then joined the pattern on a 45°  for the left down wind runway one-four. I had one aircraft pass below me and we confirmed our ADS-B signals and Mike from Ocean Aviation chimed in advising he had a visual on both of us, he was above and behind me.
I settled into the pattern and made all the correct calls. Thanks for the heads up Chris, I switched the setting back to pilot from that novice slot ;)  I was high and floated for a bit but landed with plenty of runway, opting to roll out instead of using up brakes just to turn off earlier.  I secured 08Romeo back in her nest and Mary and I headed for home.
I wanted ice cream, I haven't had any in ages, pretty much gave it and ice tea up, not needing the sugar.  I was tired and hot and just had a taste so we ducked into Dumsers.  I ordered a browine sunday, thinking a small cup get a taste and be happy. 
This is what was passed through the!  The group ordering just cracked up laughing and the young daughter said "Sir, that was a wise choice"  I replied, yes, maybe for three people, she nodded in agreement.

A fun day of flying and exploring.


Anonymous said...

Next time we see each other, I have to get you squared away on Uber and Lyft, it’s the best thing for GA since they invented the propeller. My daughter got me dialed in on it, and even a dinasour like me finds it easy peasy to use. Charlie

Gary said...

Charles, one of these days I’ll download the app. I think the guy at the FBO hung up the phone and said the same thing...dinasour. ;)

Jim and Sandie said...

I've always said that I would be an Uber user if ever we needed it. But so far we haven't had any reason. Jim is my taxi service. However, I was reading an article the other day that was discussing the differences between Uber and Lyft and taxis, and it said that in most cases the taxi would be the cheaper alternative. That surprised me. Jim wouldn't have any trouble with eating that ice cream thingie.