Friday, March 23, 2018

Flights of the Mouse, Reposted

I noticed the link for The Flights of the Mouse went down, it had been hosted by a friend since Bo's passing.  I'll see Jesse in Olathe, Kansas in April and see what's up, but for now I am working on hosting Bo and Sandra's flight journal. 

I will keep the link in my favorites, Flights of the Mouse,  and continue to add their collection of photos and travel documentation. I have posted 47 of the 56 chapters and hope to have the journal portion completed by the weekend. The picture portion will follow.

Just some background...

Mary and I  met Bo and Sandra while shopping for our Beechcraft Sundowner. It just so happened that my pre-buy was done at the very same airport Bo and Sandra kept their mouse.

I had been reading their flight journal for quite awhile and decided that Mary and I would document our travels and share those stories with our friends and family. Things kind of grew from there, one thing led to another and then I followed up with my first book, Time to Spare...Go by Air.

So, if you get a chance and you frequent my page, please, check out The Flights of the Mouse link and get inspired. If you have already read through their pages, stop back and go through it again, I'm sure you will take away something new or have a whole new appreciation of being a pilot. You'll have some good laughs, and get the inside scoop on places to visit and explore. Enjoy the ride with Bo and Sandra on their magic carpet.

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