Friday, September 20, 2019

Hangar Time & Video Set Up

I  headed to the airport with our Ziva girl so I could prep for tomorrows flight.  After Ziva did her turn and burn, obviously really enjoying the zero humidity today, I got started on the plane. 

I took on fuel the other day (12 gallons) and needed to enter the info on my JPI engine monitor. I also needed to clean windows, vac the carpets and update my GPS data card. All items checked off my to-do list.

While I was in the plane and had the avionics master on, I thought it would be a good time to review my video set up.  

If you're new to the blog here is a list of my equipment.
Garmin VIRB XE - two units, one still in a NTSB time out. The single unit on hand will be mounted on a Tackform bracket to the pilot side headrest and shoot video over my shoulder for the forward view.
Next up is the Activeon CX Gold - Two units.  For now, one will be used to view the Aspen and the other for either the tail tie down or in cockpit view of the crew. 

The audio is really poor on the Activeon Gold, but the video is very good.  What's nice is the price, around $55. If I lose the camera off the tail tie down I'm not out much money.  
Speaking of the tail tie down I am making the attachment with the most excellent, MyPilotPro bracket, it does a fantastic job. 

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