Thursday, September 05, 2019

Seat Roller Repair, Day 2

Seat lock mechanism
Thursday 9/5

Chet and I agreed to meet around 11am, that works out just fine.  We both arrived a little early which was perfect, it didn't start to rain yet.

Chet climbed in the passenger side and knelt on the seat while I assumed the position just on the wing walk pilots side. Together we gently lifted the seat in a level plane, then slid the seat back far enough to allow the seat locks to clear the top of the seat channel cut outs located about mid track.  Once the seat locks were clear I adjusted the seat back position slightly forward and we continued to move the seat backwards until the bearing/axles cleared the rear of the seat track. 
There were no bearings left, just an axle on each side. I found the other half of the one bearing that I knew was broken but never saw the other.  It may be sitting on the carpet, I didn't climb back in to look.  When I clean and prep the tracks I'll look for the mini ball bearings and the other broken bearing pieces.
Good news, the seat is out. The bad news I need two bearings and at least one axle. I ordered two of each to have all the front end bearings and axles brand new. I will save the axles and work on getting new bearings pressed on and keep the set as a back up in my inventory. 
bent axle
The new parts and install will be posted soon so stay tuned!

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