Monday, September 30, 2019

Connection, it's in the details.

This morning I took Ziva with me to the airport for some play time.  She had a blast then took a nap in the hangar while I continued to investigate my audio loss in my flight videos.  I decided to recreate the process, starting from the initial hook up and audio source selection and then the external power source. I have been using the EC Technology portable charger. Here is the info. 

EC Technology Portable Charger 22400mAh Power Bank Ultra High Capacity 3 USB Output External Battery Pack with Auto IC and LED Flashlight.

When I connect the audio cable and turn the unit on I get the following message.
Is a cable currently connected   yes/no
At this prompt I select YES and the audio works perfectly. When I take it to the next step, connecting the external power, I never gave the message display a look, it was already mounted on the bracket over my shoulder. This time I connected the external power and watched if the display changed, it sure did. 
Somehow going into charge mode disabled the audio, I know it sounds strange, but it does. I think I have it figured out, at least I hope so.  Wednesday I will go through my set up, step by step, and cancel charge but still hook up the external power source.  I'll know if the battery picks up when the internal battery craps out or everything shuts down. 
The process continues.  If I can't provide power on the external source I am going to clean house and investigate purchasing all new video equipment.

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