Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Seat Bearing Install COMPLETED!

Woo Hoo....the seat bearings are in and the seat now slides like it's on butter.  

I will say I learned a lot in the last few days. The number one take-away was that it is way easier with two people then one. 
The install was harder then the removal, maybe because there were no front roller bearings on the removal. Once the bearings were installed, then slipping the axles in the tube, Chet and I began the gentle alignment process. 

  • First the seat cushion has to be near vertical as you gently guide the new front bearings into the back end of the seat tracks.
  • It is critical that the seat stay squared up across the tracks in order to have the latching mechanism drop in the cut outs located on the top part of the seat track.
  • Use a zip tie to secure the seat latch in the released position, this frees up one hand and it hold the bullets close in so it will drop in the cut out. 
  • Once the latching points are in the seat tracks slowly lower the rear of the seat cushion while moving the seat forward. As you move forward, line up the rear bearings and guide them into the tracks. When you feel everything slid smoothly drop the rear stop pins in place.
  • Cut the zip ties and let the seat lock in place while you finish installing the stop pins and the safety lock pins.
Grab a cool drink and test the seat.  Since Chet was so nice to help, I told him have at it. He repositioned the seat a few times and I managed to grab a picture. 
Thank you Chet for your help, I could not have completed this task without you.  Let's grab lunch, I'm buying!

So we closed up the hangar and went to the Green Turtle for some cool drinks and burgers.  A good lunch and as always excellent airplane chat.

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