Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Plans for KAVP

The plan this morning is to head north to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (KAVP). It's been a long time since I last flew upstate and it's been way too long since I visited my parents grave. It's time to do the mulch and flower planting.

Looking back, our last flight north was May 2016. The following year we missed due to my left foot surgery and recovery time. As for last year, well, let's not revisit that summer of Doctors, hospitals and rehab.  
The weather was looking great this morning all along the route north. I would file, my first time back in the system since June 2018. I am current but not as proficient as I would like. Maybe that should read not as confident, I'm plenty proficient with the plane and systems. Getting the ticket wet is another story and that's my confidence issue. 

The sky was looking ugly here in Ocean City and the winds were picking up way ahead of the 2-3pm noted times in the MOS forecast.  I drove through some light sprinkles on the way to the airport and had a few drops while I drove around assessing the sky conditions. 
I did end up taking on twelve gallons to bring my total to forty-eight. Once again, eight in the left tank and four in the right. I did set up my timer on the Garmin 480 and I will be switching tanks on a thirty minute interval once I run through my one thousand foot checks on departure.  I plan to follow the POH and be on the both tanks setting for takeoff and landing. 

So with the fuel good to go, I completed my pre-flight. Today's decision is a no-go. I'm thinking about a Friday or Saturday flight north instead. 

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