Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tire Remount Completed

My tug tires were mounted by Wainwrights Tire shop on Wednesday, and I picked them up after work.  They looked excellent and for two tires, tubes, and mounting it was $67. I didn't think that price was too bad.
Today after work I remounted them on the tug and gave it a test run.  
It has been a real PITA trying to tug 3 Tango Charlie out from the hangar.  The bald tires would just slip on the smooth concrete, not getting any good traction until I was on the hot mix. Now it looks like I'll be good to!
I know some of you may be wondering about the work comment.  I know, I'm retired, at least for the most part.  I am working a few days at our friends Construction Company, office work only.  Mainly construction related paperwork and computer work for estimates, expenses, and invoices. This week I started kitchen designs on the computer. The owner, Ted, crunches the numbers and gives me a sketch and I make it come alive on paper. Wow, that sounds like I know what I'm doing. I'm just learning as I go, and so far it's been fun. The pay covers our monthly hangar fee and a few airplane updates, along with fuel.  It's a win win.

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