Monday, September 09, 2019

Roller Bearing Assembly

I received my parts in the mail today! I searched online for local machine shops and found two, Davis and Mumford.  Davis was closed and the phone number didn't work.  Mumford answered and told me come on over and if we can't get it done we'll point you to a shop that can. 

I did stop and pick up lunch for Mary and I at a new place here in Berlin, Paul & Vinny's.  Great cheese steaks and the "Vinny" Italian hoagie type sandwich was excellent.  All imported meats and cheese on a very good roll. 
With lunch finished and cleaned up, I loaded up the parts and headed out to Mumfords Sheet Metal Works.  The guy in the shop had a twenty ton press but I opted for the bench vise and a small socket to match the inner bearing race. They charged me $10 and I gave the guy a $10 tip. 

I still need to cut the axle to length but I want to measure the existing to be safe. Chet is going to stop over at the hangar tomorrow to help me set the seat back in the track.

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